Going to Caltech

Choice came down to Caltech vs MIT. Research was more interesting at Caltech.


Bigfoot exists

It's just a fact.
Consider the following:
-in order to show that Bigfoot does not exist, we'd have to be able to observe every location in the world
-Bigfoot is obviously very good at hiding, since we have not captured him so far
-There is a long tradition of Bigfoot sitings, therefore Bigfoot's existence is the default position



My favorite animal

I like dolphins too.


Random Post 1

My new hobby is writing all of my e-mails as haikus.
Luckily I've sent off all my statements of purpose already.

Sometimes you have to make up things to impart meaning into this world.


Undergrad Life

12:30 AM, and working on bioinformatics assignment, stem cell essay, and e-mails asking for graduate research. And writing this.

Random thought 1: Tim Horton's coffee doesn't have enough caffeine.